Noreen’s Story

Noreen Fraser is a breast cancer survivor living with Stage IV breast cancer. She is a co-creator and co-producer of the 2008 STAND UP TO CANCER network television special that raised over $100 million for cancer research. In addition to STAND UP TO CANCER, Noreen has produced other award winning television shows including, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, ABC’s HOME SHOW and The RICHARD SIMMONS SHOW. Noreen volunteers her time to produce and direct short films focusing on cancer issues, is currently producing a documentary on the effects of cancer and is in development on a television project to raise awareness for women’s cancers.

A Message From Noreen Fraser…

“I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001. Two years later, my cancer had metastasized to my bones. Pretty horrifying , but in these past six years, as I journey through life, living with cancer, I have learned so much. Not about enjoying life, not about telling the people I love, ‘I love you’, I already had that going on.

My life was pretty darn near perfect.

What I’ve learned is that if you don’t back off and you don’t back away, and you become an activist for yourself and for others, chances are you’re going to live longer. And isn’t that the game we’re all in? The game of life? I know I am.

I have made cancer my business. I know that raising money for research gives me a leg up when it comes to my health. I know that translational research (research that gets drugs to patients more quickly) is what we need to be focused on. I also know that collaboration between scientists is critical to finding a cure.

Because of the brilliance of my two doctors at UCLA, Drs. Glaspy and Slamon, and the Dream Teams we created with Stand Up For Cancer, this cure could very well come in my lifetime. And if not for me, God willing, my daughter.

Margaret Mead once said, ‘never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’

So join us and get active! Get out there! Make the government do a better job of putting more money in the coffers of cancer research.  Write to your Congressman and your Senator. Sign our online petition. Ladies, perform monthly breast exams and go for your mammogram and Pap smear and gentlemen, tell the women in your life to do the same!

One person can make a difference. Let that person be you!”

– Noreen