What a Night! Variety’s Power of Comedy Benefiting Noreen Fraser Foundation!

It may have been raining in Hollywood on Saturday night, but the stars were out in force for Variety’s Power of Comedy, benefiting the Noreen Fraser Foundation. We were on the carpet and backstage to bring you the very best of the hilarious night. Check out the galleries below for photos! One of our favorite moments from the night is Will Ferrell presenting the 2011 Power of Comedy award to Amy Poehler: What happens next? Amy Poehler's hilarious acceptance speech! Other favorite selections from the night: Emcee Andy Richter's comedic stylings. Poehler's husband Will Arnett -- along with Arrested Development colleagues David Cross and Mitch Hurwitz -- gave a heartfelt tribute to the honoree, complete with photo slideshow. Maya Rudolph loves Amy Poehler -- and maybe not in the way that you think. She paid tribute to Amy with a song by "the always-tasteful R. Kelly." Sarah Silverman reminisced about some, er, "touching" childhood memories. A quick FYI: per Amy's speech, anyone who didn't show up in person is "dead" to her, even if they sent a hilarious video tribute. So...sorry, Zach Galifianakis (and Zach Galifianakis' mom / camera tech). Russell Brand's video was equally amazing, and included a shout-out to the women behind the Noreen Fraser Foundation, including Noreen and Foundation VP Michelle McBride. [caption id="attachment_1729" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Variety publisher Brian Gott, Michelle McBride, Noreen Fraser, Power of Comedy Honoree Amy Poehler and Will Arnett"][/caption] [gallery columns="2"]

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    One of the most attractive feruates of the cfraser Institute is that its “studies” are often so hopelessly a product of extreme right wing bias that they continually generate own goals. A few years back they produced one on whether the poor were really poor that was so bad it was hilarious. The author presented the image, so to speak, of himself rushing around town with a slide rule to find the best deal for each and every item on a “wholesome” menu. The idea was that if the poor functioned like a cost center for a large corporation they could easily live on peanuts—although they would be required to give up any recreational habits the author did not approve of.So long as the role of pretend intellectual right wing think tank is exercised by a group that has no idea just how absurdly bad they are, all will be well and no one will pay any attention to them. They remind me of the English foundation for the relief of poverty in Ireland that brought a French chef to London during the famine of 1845-48 to lecture on how the poor could live very well on a soup made of 5 gallons of water with a handful of veggies thrown in. They disgraced England to this day, and they brought the fathomless contempt of the Irish on the head of Mother England, not ever a good idea.

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