You Go Christina!

She's one of Hollywood's funniest leading ladies, having practically grown up in front of the camera.  But these days, Christina Applegate is using her celebrity not just for laughs, but to talk about her recent struggle with breast cancer and help raise awareness for young women who may not know the risks.  Christina appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in September of 2008 to talk about her cancer diagnosis and the choices she made in her treatment.  No stranger to breast cancer, Applegate watched her mom battle the disease in the 70's and have her own double mastectomy.  Because of her family history, Christina is vigilant about her yearly mammograms and on one such appointment, an MRI detected a lump. Once Christina received her diagnosis, she received a lumpectomy and was told she needed six weeks of radiation.  But when further tests concluded that she had the BRCA gene otherwise known as the " breast cancer gene"... Christina had a decision to make.  Go forward with radiation treatments and continue getting tested for the rest of her life... or have both breasts removed therefore, drastically minimizing the chances of recurrence. It has been a year since her bilateral mastectomy and the actress has not slowed down a bit.  Christina has been filming her hit comedy, "Samantha Who?" for ABC while continuing to be an outspoken and active member of the cancer awareness community.

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